The Waves Inside

Hello everyone!! Hope you have wonderful days ahead! This is my first time I have created a blog . I hope you find my blog interesting.  Waves of the seas are a powerful one and the Waves inside the beautiful soul as well. And I am here to develop my creativity  and to get appreciation from you guys for the words I write…


Everyone have hidden feelings and it may be in different form and in different situations. Each and every emotion of the people are quite variable. Those hidden emotions they won’t tell but it may take different forms such as music  , painting, and writing. I consider the words are powerful one and in a single word we could instill deepest feelings. And I want to do the same . I love writing out my heart out through poems and short quotes. Please do kindly follow and appreciate my writings…And I will be thankful to you..
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Maple Leaf

I love things that reminds me of nature. Nature is everywhere. Whenever I hear the name” Nature” , I visualise green leaves on my mind. Leaves! I have a fondness for collecting natural stuffs such as feathers , flower petals , pebble stones etc…And leaves are one of them. Leaves comes in different shapes and colours but we all do have a favourite. Mine is maple leaf and I prefer reddish orange!

Happy things make me creative and I made an yellowish brown maple leaf using paper and paints. Hope you would like it! you might see this photograph on my instagram page @artistique_mystry_grl

It is so rare that I see maple leaf in my place. So I would definitely feel happy as a child whenever i see maple leaf. I don’t know why I have this notion but i should say this to you. To me seeing a maple leaf is a luck. I would feel definitely lucky at the sight of it. That’s how I want to feel lucky at the sight of my beloved. I want to get the feeling i get when i see a maple leaf.

This is just my random thoughts and i couldn’t refrain from letting you know. And my mind weaved a little four line verse right now! Let me share it with you!

“Whenever I see
A Maple leaf🍁
I feel lucky.
Perhaps you are the Maple leaf!”


Today I felt very much creative and couldn’t stop myself from letting out that excitement! Thanks for your time. Have a wonderful day ahead!

A destination that is Fortune

Have you heard about God’s own country? The green country , a healthy country. A place which satiates your inner soul with its addictive beauty. Streams and roads lining over the greens , the fresh healthy breeze , the peaceful twilight , the chants of pretty birds and animals. You might have already know about which place I am talking about. It is Kerala , a wonderful place in India, which is rich in beauty and sources.

I am not at all a keralite but I sensed I have some kind of deep connection towards Kerala , in other words it invaded my soul. I really don’t know how I am going to describe the feeling but yet I am doing it anyways.

I used to visit kerala every year during summer holidays. You may wonder why i am going there every year. As my father’s business is there in kerala in a very beautiful place, Kumarakom, one of the tourist spot in Kerala. In every summer holidays and Christmas holidays I stay there for a month . I have went there several time but this time made me feel different. It did the magics, it healed my heart. Really nature has the way of curing our broken hearts. Earlier I was against this notion but when I felt it, I have no choice but to agree.

I wake up to the sound of birds chirping, wow..just think that in this hustle bustle world if we get to experience this..its really a wonderful fortune. I stayed for nearly a month in kerala this time. I met many strange birds I couldn’t name it and innumerable varieties of vegetation I haven’t seen anywhere. There mornings are warm and little bit sunny and evening graced me with drizzles..rain..and night with utter chillness.


Peace and Chaos are two most essential happenings of life. At every end of chaos there is peace and at every end of peace, there is chaos. We want to live in peace and at times we have to embrace the chaos too.

Remember we have just one life in this world, make it worthwhile. Choose adventures and have it in mind that adventures doesnt come without chaos. Chaos is a part of life. Some people tends to do random stuffs to make their life adventurous . All adventures are not meaningful. There are some things we choose that are meaningless and have no worth or any good purpose. You should stay away from those kind of things. Those kind of adventures can make you feel alive and excite you for a while but it would leave you without a good result. It wouldn’t offer you what you need in the end.

I have expressed this thought because I have endured hardships and bruises in an adventure that is meaningless. It left me bruised and weak. I didn’t got what i wanted in the end. All my efforts and sacrifices , my endurance and patience became a waste. I realized what I have pursued before was a meaningless adventure that has no worth. Though it bruised my heart , I have no fear for pursuing another adventure. I seek for an adventure that makes my life worthwhile. I have shared some of my thoughts regarding this in my writing page @thewavesinside in intstagram.

The Fear Of The Bug

Crawling onto the thin line With staggering heart, Struggling to opine The musings of the thought

A bug stood over And wondered about life; With its broken legs to hover Over the line with strife.

With horror in the eyes The bug looked below

Afraid of falling
Down from the line;
For it might be full of shards of stones
That could be killing
Every wounded scars.

Scared of staying
In the line,
For it might be beds of roses underneath
That could be healing
Every broken pieces to breathe.

– Rasheetha


The Chants of my Mirror

Let the light awake you

From the deep slumber.

Let the sun splash its amber

Through the creaks of your door.

I am yearning for your genuine smile

But you left me unnoticed for a while.

You looked at me with those lifeless eyes

My colours are faded, it’s not nice.

Bring back your glam!

Bring back my colours!

Immerse yourself in your pure scent

Let the sweetness fill the air.

Revive your heart, Rejuvenate your mind!

Let your eyes be bright and clear.

Look at me with your beautiful eyes

Untangle the messes of your tresses,

Give life to your dresses

Add some glitters

Bring back my glam!

Bring back my colours!

Satiate me with what I yearn for

Let your gracious smile clear my world.

Paint me with your alluring shade

I will be no more a faded mirror.

Let your smile radiate everywhere.

Even flowers could bloom

At the hardest wall

Only when you are at glee.


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The Poison

There was a glimmer
That held my eyes captive,
A glass tinged with crimson colour
Changed everything around abstractive

I felt the undeniable fascination
Towards the glass filled with red
Which is an irresistible attraction
That my heart became misled.

I used to admire from a mile
Until the day it invaded my life.
Hesitantly held it to heart, that’s too fragile,
Unaware of the impending strife.

The moment it touched my lips
With its glass rimmed with sugar,
Core of my heart did the flips
Befriending the ecstasy with shiver

I was passionately intoxicated
With every sip of love
It poured my heart
And I became enchanted.

The taste lingered for ages
Entertaining my soul.
My heart was in its cages,
I played along like a fool.

Sudden sourness creeped my way
I was scared of alteration
I was too addicted to leap away
The bitter taste stirred the confusion

Everyday became a dreadful pain
what I deemed as love was a poison
It killed me relentlessly again
Until i lost the emotion

What I felt was no more a sweet ecstasy
But a bitter poison that made me strong.
And let me leave it like a bitter fantasy
And I left it with this final song.



  • Do you often feel the sudden impulses to write something or pour your heart out?Do you also feel that even the words are not enough to describe what we feel?

            I do most of the time. The words of the world seems insufficient to imply what I feel. I am not particularly referring to Distress or the happiness but on the whole , feelings are innumerable. It could be contained completely neither  by action nor by words. I feel like there is something more to this, like the relationship between us and our conscience.

I feel like it’s only us who knows ourselves. It is us who is capable of comprehending  our own thoughts and feeling. you could share your thoughts regarding this in my comment box.

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